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Thank you for your interest in our services. I am excited about adding you to our client list. I am certain we have the tools that will grow your business through your business website on line presence. I have included below some links that will present an overview of what your new tools do. The main thing is you have complete real time control over your Website content. Your business will have a 24/7 show room on line, a shopping cart to conduct on line sales (if needed), a communications platform to manage all aspects of your company’s publicity needs, an internal communications platform that is private and secure.

Big Business Sophistication On A Small Business Budget

A basic overview:

Our RavenNuke™ News and Information Portal (CMS) website package has two sides: Public & Private. The RavenNuke™ News and Information Portal (CMS) is a set of tools designed to promote agressively on the Internet. The RavenNuke™ News and Information Portal (CMS) will also manage internal communications for your business. Like any tools they must be applied to provide the best return.

The public side has three basic aspects: Anonymous User, Registered User, & All Visitors.

When you add content to your website you determine which of the three categories your content will reside in.

Anonymous users information displays only to those folks who have not logged into your website. Once a user logs into your website the anonymous information will no longer display to that individual for as long as they are logged into your website.

Registered user information displays only to users that are registered with and logged into your website. Registered users can be assigned to multiple groups and presented with information not visible to other registered users.

All visitors information displays to all users regardless of their status anonymous or registered user.

The private side of your website is very flexible and powerful. You have complete control of who sees what. The private side of your website controls information that only registered users can see.

For instance a retailer who also sells wholesale can create a group for retail and a group for wholesale. Retail clients will not see wholesale information and likewise wholesale clients will not see retail information. You control who sees what by assigning a registered user to a retail or wholesale group or to both in which case they will be able to see both retail and wholesale information.

You can also comminucate internally within your company having a group for management. a group for sales. a group for maintenance. geographical groups for different locations or whatever your business needs are.

Links of interest:

Our FAQ’s. Your FAQ’s would be customized to your needs. Our Website Planning Guide to assist you in planning your website. Our How It Works Video is a quick overview of this document.

  • This document demonstrates the public and private sides of your new website very quickly.
  • This document presents an overview of how our system creates massive connectivity to the world wide web.
  • This document demonstrates how we do shopping carts differently.
  • This document briefly discusses the advantages of the RSS News Feed that is standard with our premium set up.

As a premium client your base network will consist of five websites. Premium clients gain access to all of these base websites at no extra charge. To the best of our knowledge we are the only website design and website hosting company that offers this type of package. The power of this method is second to none. The sites you have access to are:

  1. Your Domain
  2. www.jlajax.com (Our Original Site)
  3. www.thejacksonvillemarketpace.com (Free to everyone)
  4. www.deanfamilyindustries.com (A Virginia Based Website)
  5. www.website.design-jacksonville.com (Our Parent Site)
If your domain is registered with out registrar services you also receive links from:
www.domain-registration-usa.com (Our Registrar Services)
If you also build a storefront you can include:
www.jaxmarket.com (A collection of storefronts)

If you have looked this far into the CMS you have taken some time to familiarize yourself. That is good. I invite you to take note of the home page and the forums as an anonymous user and a registered user. Note the differences. This is but one of the ways that the RavenNuke™ News and Information Portal System is geared to serve your business needs.

You have real time control. We will work with you to ensure that you learn to apply these tools to maximum effect for your business. Combined with a shopping cart this CMS system will become an effective on line store that is available 24/7 to all of your customers and potential customers.

If your serious about doing business on the internet these tools will ensure that your website is prepared to exceed your needs to do business on the world wide web.

Please Log in As Our Guest

Here is a simple test that will quickly demonstrate to you some of the power of the CMS. Re-visit our homepage. Take note of the information you see there. Log into our system using the user ID of guest and the password of guest. Be sure to enter the security code (It is case sensitive). Please take your time and look around as a guest. Take a look at our home page and forums while logged in as our guest. Log out. Notice the differences? The first block disappears and the second block becomes the first block when you log in. While logged in you have access to the forums as an anonymous user you may only browse the forums. See what we mean about information control? Give us a call @ 904-554-5933 we will be most happy to make an appointment with you.


The differences you see as an anonymous user and as a logged in user are important. It demonstrates the control you have in disseminating information to the people who do business with you and who want to do business with you. One set of users sees one thing while the other sees something entirely different.
 Think this through… by controlling the information you present you can accomplish a wide range of tasks One set of information is for your potential customers, one set of information is for your customer and another for your employees, managers, sales force etc… the possibilities are defined by your business needs.


The way the CMS works for you is the higher functions are all scripted from the server side. We do the initial set-up, leaving the continuing content up to you the client. Let me state this again. These tools work best if applied.

Shopping Carts With A Bonus

When you combine the CMS’s export ability with a shopping cart your website really gets intense. Any RavenNuke™ Portal can display the current content of your store. The Jacksonville Marketplace, and JAX Market allow you to start out with multiple locations for your shopping cart. Please note all of the products of any store owner are represented in the site menu of both of these RavenNuke™ Portals.

Live Eample:


This method of sharing your products is not presented as an option by any other company that we know of. Not only are your products visible in your own site you can export your entire live inventory to any other site willing to display your content and we start you out with two additional locations. Imagine the possibilities!

Aa a single store owner you could realistically develop 1000 or more up to date storefronts from just the one base website at no extra cost to you the store owner. This part is up to you although we do assist as needed.


The Power of Your CMS

The RavenNuke™ Portal as a stand alone website offers a value packed suite of tools designed to get the information you desire out to the people who need it to chose yor business for their needs. The networking ability built into this content management system is top shelf all the way. How it works will help you see how we empower your business from day one. Even if you do not have a storefront your RavenNuke™ Portal will still connect as represented in the how it works presentation. Simply substitute the storefront with any other website that can network.

Imagine if we took your parts or product inventory and over time developed 10 or more active storefronts. It's like always having a bobber on the pond well 10 bobbers. Your cost would be creating and updating your one website and storefront.


Your website and shopping cart are your base. WWW.JLAJAX.COM & WWW.JAXMARKET.COM & WWW.THEJACKSONVILLEMARKETPLACE.COM WWW.WEBSITE-DESIGN-JACKSONVILLE.COM are our contribution to your business presence on the Internet. Each website you connect to connects back to you, your site benefits as do theirs. When you increase your base you increase your visibility. Linking your CMS to other CMSs and standard static websites gives you reciprocal links that index to search engines thereby strengthening your website and store ranking.

By posting regularly in other portals and allowing other portals to post to you a database of links is created that is date and time stamped. Over time this creates a record of constantly updated material on your website. This also over time will entrench your website in the search engines. Imagine how many reciprocal links you could build in a year, five years, ten all of them indexed to the search engine! Do you plan to be in business next year, how about in five years, Ten? See the possibilities? Then there are the RSS News Feeds which is another topic all together.

There are literally thousands of these portals out there other than the ones in our network. Your potential to get your message out there is limited only by your willingness accept the links that come to you and to seek out and create the links to build your base.. Our base is an excellent start. From there it Is up to you.



RSS News Feed

One of the tools that will quickly become second nature to you is the news posting feature. Your RSS News Feed is a fantastic tool posting both to your website as an integrated page and to your RSS News Feed at the same time. When you post a news article to a topic you have created in your CMS that information is posted in your topics section to the category you have specified. Your CMS automatically posts that article to your RSS New Feed which in turn sends the information to anyone who is subscribed to your news feed be it an individual, a website, a business or anyone else who has an interest in your services.

To see an example of how this works please visit www.jlajax.com and note the news posted there. Open another browser window and visit www.website-design-jacksonville.com or www.deanfamilyindustries.com. You will see a number of client feeds. The News You Can Use feed is the news feed from www.jlajax.com. The other news feeds are from other client websites including yours once you post one news article.

One of the things you enjoy as our premium client is your news feed is automatically displayed across our network of RavenNuke™ News & Information Portal Websites. As you develop your Topics section in your website, we will mirror it in www.website-design-jacksonville.com, www.jlajax.com. www.deanfamilyindustries.com and www.thejacksonvllemarketplace.com. Additionally store owners have www.jaxmarket.com. The end result is you have multiple first level back links leading directly to your website which broadens your Internet footprint and your search engine indexing strength. Differnt folks link to differnt folks and you're company’s website is solidly integrated into the network, Think about how that footprint will grow over a period of time as you continue to apply the tools you have available in your website.

Here are some of the sites that we know of that are linked to our news feeds. This list is ever growing and ever changing. These sites are an example. Your netwoek can be as large as you desire it to be.

Beams Painting
The Jacksonville Marketplace
JAX Market
Dean Family Industries


There is so much more to be said for what this CMS can do for your business. Our staff has the training and experience to bring you up to speed on managing the CMS. It all ties together and each tool can be deployed or retired as defined by you business needs. Give us a call to day at (904) 554-5933 and let us help you establish a strong, aggressive presence on the Internet.
We look forward to meeting you and assisting you in creating your business presence on the Internet.
 You may download this document here

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