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Website Design | Shopping Carts | Orange Park | Jacksonville | Florida | E-Commerce | Shopping Carts | | JAX | Fl FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Topics & News Feeds

·  What is a news feed?
·  What are topics?
·  What good does it do me?
·  Can You Show Me An Example

·  What is a news feed?

A News Feed is an alternative method of getting your message out to the world. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. An example of this websites' RSS News Feed is JLAJAX RSS News Feed.

News articles are published using the submit news link available to any registered user of JLA Associates website design and hosting Jacksonville, Florida. For more information Click Here. We reserve the right to publish or not publish any submitted news article.

In your business website you determine who can publish to your News Feed as well as publish new and current information about your business for dissemination throughout the web. As our client we also provide you with access to both of our published news feeds so that you may triple the return by publishing and linking throughout our network as well as your own.

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·  What are topics?

Topics are an area of the RavenNuke™ News and Information Portal website subdivided according to content and published both within the Topics section of the website and as part of the website RSS News Feed. One source, two outlets.

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·  What good does it do me?

One of the factors in indexing any website to search engines is cross-links that link back to any website. Take a moment and follow the links associated with any news article published within this website. Pay particular attention to the supplemental information that is presented with each individual news article. Note the link to the author and the related links. Note the links back to the author’s main website. Note the number of times these links are duplicated. From the search engine robot’s point of view each of these links counts as an independent link back to that authors website. Given the ability to publish in your portal and our two portals think about how many links you create each time you post one article. Consider the ramifications over time and many postings of news about your business in a network of portals.

One of the tools that will quickly become second nature to you is the news-posting feature. It is a fantastic tool posting both to your website as an integrated page and to your RSS News Feed at the same time. When you post news to a topic you have created in your portal that information is posted in your topics section under the category you have specified. You automatically post that article to your RSS New Feed which sends the information to anyone who is subscribed to your news feed be it an individual, a website, a business or anyone else who has an interest in your services.

To see an example of how this works please visit and note the news posted there. Open another browser window and visit . If you look in the right-hand column you will see a number of client feeds. The News You Can Use feed is the news feed from The other news feeds are from other client websites including yours once you post one news article.

As our client your news feed is automatically displayed across our network of RavenNuke™ News & Information Portal Websites. Additionally as you develop your Topics section in your website, we will mirror it in and Additionally all of these news feeds are reflected in The end result is you have multiple links leading directly to your website which broadens your Internet footprint and your search engine indexing strength.

Think about how that footprint will grow over a period of time as you continue to apply the tools we provide you as a premium client.

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·  Can You Show Me An Example

Sure. On our home page view the top news article. It is located about ¾ of the way down the page in the center column. Take note of the title. Now visit these websites.


Take note the article posted on our home page are reflected in each of these websites via the RSS News feed. Any article you post here will also display at any website displaying our news feed. Likewise your news feed will also be reflected in our network of websites as well as anyone you can find who will swap feeds with you. In so doing over time you create a web indexing structure that will pinpoint your business on the Internet.
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