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 Carpenter Bee Damage Repair | Charlottesville, Virginia

Terry Beams Painting ContractorOnline_Deals writes:  

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Carpenter bee damage repair for unique railing at this downtown Charlottesville rental property

This rental building renovation project is located in the downtown residential area of charlottesville. It was neglected for quite awhile by the out-of-town owners.

Paint is peeling in many areas of the building, especially along the roof surface which causes extreme heat and end-grain moisture wicking. Anytime the paint film lets go down to the wood means moisture has gotten under the paint film. Blistering and/or peeling is the result.

There is rust leaching off an old metal bracket on the window frame and paint on the roof, to the right, from the previous work.

Another example of poor craftsmanship from previous work is paint all over the brick wall and white caulk used. Beams Painting uses Big Stretch clear caulk to seal gaps between surfaces and brick or masonry. This allows us to paint a nice straight line along the edge.

The handrails were in really bad shape and infested with carpenter bees. These railings are unique in design and the integrity of them needed to be repaired.

All sections of railing were equally damaged and were carefully removed to be refurbished.

We were able to work on site with the railings in the backyard. As you may notice, the bottom of the bottom rail has raw wood exposed. This is what attracts carpenter bees.

Close-up of rail deterioration and bee damage. Someone previously tried to smear caulk into the bee holes while railings were in place. Very small gap between bottom rail and porch floor.

Extensive scrape and sand work used all over railings. Each surface was addressed equally. The preparation is very important.

Upon closer inspection, you can see a lot of paint was removed forcibly from the surfaces. Better to remove now, than for it to possibly come loose later in time.

After prep, the railings were solid primed on all surfaces, then allowed to dry fully before addressing the carpenter bee infestation.

The carpenter bees bore a whole in the bottom of the railing. The surface was raw (no coatings) and this attracted the bees. We clear-out all the holes. Some are old and some have bees inside. First we spray brake cleaner in the holes to kill the bees. Then we shove a cotton ball soaked in Methel Ethel Keatone far down into the holes. This will kill the larvae.

We then fill the holes with polyurethane glue, which expands as it dries. A wooden dowel is gently hammered into the hole(s), while the glue is still wet, and then cut flush with the railing.

The cut-off wooden dowels are sanded smooth, then primed and painted.

We allow the coatings to dry before the next is applied. One finish coat is completed and the the railings are ready to be re-attatched to the posts. Screws were used to mount the railings. These were 4" exterior rated wood screws put in from the sides better support, and the top surface was not penetrated.

The railings are now attached and ready for a final coat of paint. We use rubber-backed drop clothes so there is no possibility of product getting through to the porch floor.

The railings, as well as all of the exterior, get a final coat of finish paint. We use a 4" Wizz Roller for the railings and a 3" brush for the rest of the trim. Notice the yellow guard on the gutter. This keeps the ladder from causing bends or dents in the gutter when weight is applied.

We fine tune the paint job by filling any dimples or dings with filler, sand, and re-coat. This gives a smooth, perfect surface.

This view is the finished product, crisp and clean. All wood surfaces protected from the elements for many years to come.

Painting Contractor | Charlottesville | Virginia

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Carpenter Bee Damage Repair | Charlottesville, Virginia

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